Judge Gregg P. Iddings

Reelect for Lenawee County Probate Judge


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"During his decade on the bench, Judge Iddings has been fair and impartial, deciding his cases on the merits. He holds people accountable and is accountable himself. He has a passion for community service and has been a volunteer and advocate for our community his entire adult life. From the time Judge Iddings swore me in to take the bench, we have worked together to implement changes to increase court performance. Our focus has been on continuing to drive change to improve our service to the public, and through his efforts, we are succeeding. "

Judge Anna Marie Anzalone



A Message from Gregg

Community service is my passion. As your Probate Judge in Lenawee County, I’ve been able to implement significant changes to the way justice is served in our community. Judges must be fair, impartial and respectful in every case. I take this responsibility seriously and as a result, my staff is recognized as one of the most customer-friendly courts in Lenawee County. Our dedication and service orientation ensures we deliver justice for children and families that makes a difference in their lives while providing accountability.  We ensure that troubled kids get on and stay on the right path to being responsible adults. We assist families in resolving legal and financial disputes in a productive and peaceful manner. It is an honor to serve you and I thank you for supporting the important work we do for Lenawee County.


Gregg Iddings



Lenawee County is our home. Adrienne and I raised our two kids here. We are soccer, swimming, baseball and lacrosse parents. We’ve been little league coaches, volunteers and active members of this community for more than 20 years.



I was raised to value hard work, fairness, and accountability. My parents operated a successful small business without the advantage of a formal education. They taught me the importance of integrity and dedication, lessons I take with me in the courtroom every day.



As your probate judge, I am working to make a difference in the lives of Lenawee County residents on a daily basis. I will continue making our court one of the most customer-friendly in the county.

Know the Facts

Q. What issues are important to Gregg?

Every person that appears before my court deserves a fair trial and due process. I believe everyone has a right to be heard and have confidence that their case will be decided on its merits and not by a backroom deal.

Q. What are Judge Iddings qualifications?

Judge Iddings has served Lenawee County for nearly a decade. He was appointed by the governor in 2009 and reelected in 2010 and 2012. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Toledo College of Law. Prior to serving on the bench, he had 16 years of success representing clients in Lenawee County.

Q. What does a probate judge do?

As Lenawee County Probate Judge, Gregg Iddings helps people. He protects those in need of supervision, oversees adoption proceedings and settles estates. He ensures that parents are able to raise their children as they see fit while protecting kids from neglect and abuse.

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